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Sign up to participate in the monthly challenges and keep up to date with everything that will happen on this trip. With Accelerate The Game, we want you to live the Inchcape strategy and find on this journey new ways to collaborate with your colleagues and learn more about our company.

The journey begins with your registration. Each person registered will start collecting kilometers, with these, they will be able to win prizes at each stage and will get closer to the final grand prize: a trip to London! In addition, you will have the opportunity to win prizes at each stage and participate in exciting draws. We will have more than 350 prizes waiting for you. It is your moment to be part of this unique journey.

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Know your Kilometers

Closely follow your position in the game ranking! Get a clear view of how you are progressing and measure your journey. Observe your accumulated kilometers and keep the motivation alive to reach the goal. Our ranking gives you the opportunity to visualize your performance, plan, and trace your way to the final grand prize. Keep track of your achievements and stay determined to reach the goal!

The Accelerate game is open to Inchcape contributors. For more details, review our legal terms.

Participate in the route

Each month you will live a stage of the trip. You will participate in a talk, a team or individual challenge, an express challenge, and a webinar; with each of these activities, you will add kilometers to reach the final goal.

The first stage will consist of an individual challenge, and will have Our Purpose as its main theme.

Get ready, sign up, and win!

July 2023